At least 100 detainees have been released from Guantanamo. Some of them have since reported examples of severe mistreatment that U.S. officials have promptly denied. So there appears to be some conflicting stories. Aside from treatment of prisoners, there is also some dispute about the whether or not all the prisoners are indeed terrorists. Steve Rodriquez, veteran intelligence officer who oversees the interrogation team, says “If I were to believe the stories they tell me at first, then 90 percent of them are innocent rug merchants.”

Well, of course the terrorists are going to deny the charges and of course the man in charge of the interrogation team is going to deny any possibility of making a mistake. Rodriguez also claims that the detainees have provided a stream of intelligence to interrogators during the past two years. That sounds like an excuse to me. Is he trying to make an excuse for the unjustified mistreatment of people that have not actually been proven guilty in any court?

As stated in the article, there is no way to prove the claims of either side. The U.S. government has closed the doors to any kind of investigation or monitoring. So are we supposed to just believe the government? The same government that said that they had proof that Iraq had WMD and posed an imminent threat?

I still don’t understand the closed door policy. Why can’t they be taken to court, proven guilty and then interrogated? If they are in fact guilty then wouldn’t the stream of intelligence be the same? As far as I can see, the only advantage this sort of closed door policy can provide to the government is to allow them to hide their brutality and injustice.

It doesn’t matter what Rodriguez says. Even if we are gaining intelligence to help us counter terrorism to some degree, no matter how rich or limited it may be, it still pales, in my mind, when compared to the loss of trust and respect for our government. I don’t care of it’s Osama bin Laden himself.. If a man is guilty then a fair trial should not only confirm his guilt but it would enforce our nation’s position as fair and just. Also, a fair trial would not limit our ability to punish a terrorist or gain information from a person proven guilty.

So, if the government isn’t hiding their own inhuman behavior, then why are they closing the doors? Why don’t they even bother trying to explain it?