14. June 2010 · Categories: Environment, incomplete · Tags: ,

So here we are watching oil leak from the bottom of the gulf, BP stocks falling through the floor and blame-bullets flying all over the place. First thing we need to to is take the blame guns out of the hands of people who insist on using the spill as an excuse to blame people they don’t like. Here, give me the damned gun – I only need two bullets because there are only two problems.

#1 – The stock investors that judge companies not by what they do but by how much money they can make. While BP was pumping oil to the market you guys were all in and 39% of BP stock was owned by American investors so don’t give me that British company crap. I could almost hear the chant… “Make money, make money…” and a few words to anyone pointing out the dangers of deep sea drilling… “Get lost!”  But now that the dangers have turned into disaster you want to pull out (BP stock down 52% according in 50 days).  There’s no way you don’t look like slimy snakes. Your demand for profit drove everything necessary to create the problem and now your ditching before the cleanup bill comes. Talk about dine and ditch! I think anytime a disaster like this happens the SEC should immediately freeze all shares of the company involved. This way the same investments that drive these risky operations to start with will be held accountable for the disasters they cause. It brings a sense of responsibility to the world of investment which so far has been allowed to run around creating havoc in any way possible without any responsibility for what they do. BOOM! okay, stocks are leveled out and money invested in BP can be used to clean up the mess.

#2 – Those who voted for the free-market politicians that downplayed the environmental dangers and allowed BP to drill without sufficient precaution. How much can be blamed on Obama is debatable, there were studies done during his administration that were ignored by the MMS but this has been going on for years, in 2007 alone there were three seperate stud