Rwanda 1994. An estimated 800,000 people were slaughtered in 100 days of terror. That’s about 8,000 people a day – about 266 9/11 events side by side. Imagine that. Despite the fact that Kofi Annan appologized to the Rwandian survivors for the inaction by the UN. It was not really the fault of the UN at all.. you see, the UN is not a military force. The UN is a community of nations and it’s up to these member nations to decide if they are going to commit their troops or not. In 1994 the UN desperatly asked these member nations to commit and none of them were willing to do so. So who’s fault is it really? This is proof that resolutions and discussions can only go so far.. At some point your going to need muscle.

Anyway, good news.. A few forces are being developed to prevent such genocides from happening again.

In March of this year, the African Union agreed to set up a force of 15,000 troops, to be ready in 2005, to intervene to prevent genocide or end armed conflicts.

The European Union is also working on a similar idea, coalescing around a UK-French-German plan for a rapid reaction force to move quickly into conflict zones to fill the gap until UN peacekeepers can arrive.

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So now Wal-Mart is trying to push into Inglewood, CA while bypassing the cities zoning, traffic and environmental reviews.

I keep hearing about Wal-Mart shoving their stores up everyone’s ass whether they want it or not. My in-laws who are mostly in the grocery business are boycotting Wal-Mart, but the Wal-Mart in our neighborhood is always packed. I think Wal-Mart knows that once they are in the neighborhood, shoppers come for the low prices anyway. It’s sad. I think Wal-Mart could be owned by Osama bin Laden and shoppers would still be pouring into the stores for the low prices. The bottom line is simple – when it comes to the daily grind of making ends meet, Wal-Mart presents a better option, because they have the lowest prices. It’s basic household economics.

Wal-Mart seems to be in the business of downgrading Americans by using their massive size to crush local neighborhood resitance, local business and lowering wages then offering the only prices that these broken people can afford. It’s such an old trick, break something then act like a hero by offering compensation. Like the gangsters that walk into a restaurant and offer “protection”. Low prices are nice but are they worth the degradation of the American working-class? And the $190 million that Wal-Mart offered to charity last year maybe a nice gesture but is it even close to what Wal-Mart has taken away from people over the same course of time?

Well anyway, Wal-Mart is on my shit list. Here’s a pretty good web site dedicated to monitoring the abundance of evil deeds committed by Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart Watch

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Last night I was watching FoxNews and I noticed how they were systematically going through all the claims against the Bush Administration and discrediting everyone of them. Gee – I wonder who’s side Fox is on? Anyway the subject of mercury in the environment came up. This is a perfect example of the kind of games being played.

First of all Fox showed clips of environmentalists claiming that the Bush Administration was being irresponsible about the environment. Then Fox switched to some “scientific evidence” to discredit the environmentalists. The evidence presented was that 50% of the mercury in the environment was released through natural causes, including volcanoes and forest fires, then they mentioned that Chinese industry is responsible for 20% and that U.S. industry was only responsible for 1%. Then they jumped to the next subject.

But let’s think about this for a minute… Does FoxNews assume that we are idiots? It takes years, sometimes decades for environmental policies to have an effect on the environment. If our industry is only responsible for 1%, that would be due to the regulations installed a long time ago, probably during the Clinton years, maybe even before that.

The environmentalists are concerned about the next ten years being affected by the current Bush Administration plans to roll back these regulations. If the administration gets their way, we will be overtaking the Chinese industry by the next decade.

FoxNews, I can’t even say “nice try”, that was just a lame ass response – maybe your counting on the gullibility of your viewers. I mean, you would HAVE to be.