19. May 2012 · Categories: Politics, Social/Culture · Tags: ,

Recently, there has been some outrage over the House Republican’s allocation of tax money to hire private law firms to uphold the Defense Of Marriage Act in court after the Department of Justice announced it will no longer do so. The DOJ has indicated that it will continue to enforce the rule but that it will no longer defend it in court per the administration’s recent recognition of it’s unconstitutional nature.

I suspect that Obama’s bold statement about gay marriage is nevertheless a safe bet going into the election season because the polls are indicating a substantial rise in public support for gay marriage, probably resulting from a greater level of awareness on the issue. The ignorance that discrimination so often depends on is clearly loosing ground despite the recent victories for bigotry in states like NC where education levels across the population are still relatively low. Nation-wide, for the first time since Clinton signed DOMA, the majority of American voters are supporting marriage rights for same-sex couples.

This rise in awareness is also leading to unbalanced arguments in the court room where it’s becoming far too easy to slam discriminatory laws for being unconstitutional and now with the DOJ pulling away, House Republicans are seeking legal services from outside the government… using tax money, to help win discriminatory arguments in court. The amount being allocated seems to be unclear. The sites of outrage are saying $1.5 million but in following the links to a copy of the actual contract, it appears that’s a cap not a bill. Pelosi has asked Boehner repeatedly how much but so far he has remained evasive (of course).

Personally, I don’t have any feelings either way about homosexuality. It doesn’t affect me personally so I’m not going to get all hung up on it, but I do have strong feelings about equality. And I do have strong feelings about Republicans that can bitch about liberals spending money on “stupid” stuff but have no problem spending money on bigotry, which is about the stupidest thing you can ever spend money on.