As an anti-Zionist, I often find myself confronted with extremely popular but unfounded claims such as the idea that Arab nations are always attacking Israel and loosing. Here’s a particular quote from an online discussion… “The Arabs were defeated every time and still provoke war..” This is part of the culture war, where an entire race of people are portrayed as being weak and stupid. So I decided to look into the history of conflicts between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

First of all, “Arab” is a reference to a race. “Israel” is a reference to a country. The U.S. fought the Filipinos, the Japanese, the Koreans, the Chinese and the Vietnamese but if I were to use the same semantics (and tone) I would just be saying it was the same dumb-ass Asians that keep coming at us.

If the statement is in reference to the Arab League of Nations, they’ve been chill since 1974. All the attacks since then were from stateless entities like Hamas and Hezbollah… the only two Arab nations to attack Israel since 1974 was Syria (once) and Lebanon (twice). In none of these cases will you find a situation where Israel didn’t have a ridiculous advantage in terms of weapons and funding.

The wars with the Arab nations that stretch from 1947 to 1974 are often described as the Arab-Israeli Wars and they don’t all fit into this popular myth…

The First Arab-Israeli War, 1947-49, did not start with an attack on the State of Israel because the State of Israel wasn’t recognized by ANYONE as a sovereign nation yet. “Israel” was literally a stateless terrorist organization that did the same thing ISIS was trying to do by declaring a “rightful” domain. In fact the U.S. and Britain imposed restrictions on arms coming into Palestine (which is what the place was called then) BECAUSE they were… terrorists. So… the terrorists snagged a deal with Czechoslovakia  for smuggled shipments of weapons that were intended for the Nazis (including brand new Messerschmitts) then they declared their independence and yeah, they basically kicked ass. (I guess that’s terrorism done right).

The Second Arab-Israeli War in 1956 did not start with an attack on Israel either. This time Israel attacked the Arabs… specifically, Egypt and Israel was joined by the British and the French. So not only was Israel the aggressor but they had two super-powers on their side while Egypt was alone defending it’s borders. What was happening here is that Nasser had just nationalized the Suez Canal. So the British and French basically tried to do what the U.S. did in Iraq and change the regime. But then the UN stepped in to say the invasion was a violation of international law, which of course they did during our invasion of Iraq but the difference is the British, French and Israelis complied. Bush went ahead anyway, which is what G.W.Bush is officially registered as a war criminal.

The Third Arab-Israeli War, 1967… Incredibly, this is yet another one where Israel attacked first. They launched air strikes on Egyptian airbases. Israel justified their attacks by saying that Egypt closed the Straights of Tiran to Israeli shipping, which they did, but that’s not the same thing as attacking their country. The surprise air strikes just about destroyed the entire Egyptian airforce, then Israeli ground forces invaded the Sinai and took Gaza. That’s when Nassar induced Syria and Jordan to attack Israel. Israel won mostly because none of the Arab nations had a plan because they weren’t expecting a fight. Israel DID have a plan because they WERE expecting to fight because THEY were planning on taking the Sinai! They also took the Golan Heights from Syria and the West Bank from Jordan. The UN, (probably regretting by now that they recognized the State of Israel in the first place) said you have to give those territories back and Israel basically told the UN to **** off.

The Fourth Arab-Israeli War, 1973 (Yom Kippur War) technically, this war did not start with an attack on Israel either because the territories the Arabs attacked technically belonged to them, not Israel. Egypt moved forces into the Sinai, which according to the UN still rightfully belonged to Egypt and Syria moved into the Golan Heights which according to the UN still rightfully belonged to Syria. So these countries were simply trying to get their territory back. There were no plans to attack the recognized State of Israel.