USA Inc.?

Someone told me today that Obama never worked. At first I wasn’t even sure how to respond to that, but then I realized that what he meant was that Obama never had a job outside the government (which isn’t true either but I get the jest) I guess to my friend, working for the government is the same as saying he never worked. I wonder how many millions of people out there working for the government are excluded by this statement. How many teachers, how many fire fighters, police officers, soldiers, researchers, inspectors and public servants. Do you really have to be a corporate cog with a tie and briefcase to be considered a worker? Or a president for that matter?

Seriously, the idea that we need a “businessman” in the White House is in my opinion one of the most idiotic notions to ever develop into popular opinion. I think before we all vote this year we need to take a look at the preamble to the U.S. Constitution and take note that it does NOT say… “We the People of the United States of America Inc.” The United States as a nation and a culture maybe almost entirely immersed in commercial values, but the government is still a democracy, not a corporation and as a democracy, the real issues of concern are laws, not money. Putting a businessman who knows how to run a successful business, which by almost every measurement means a profitable business, in charge of a non-profit organization such as a democracy makes as much sense as hiring a defense lawyer as a Chief Financial Officer of a corporation.

OK, I realize that our government is deep in debt and the people are losing faith in the will and ability of politicians to fix it. But there are two reasons why putting a businessman in office isn’t a guarantee that things will get any better. First of all, a businessman who has little knowledge of law and public service is probably not going to be a good choice for dealing with all the human factors that people rely on the government for. Secondly, and this may blow some minds, the government debt is actually a tiny fraction of the debt accumulated in the private sector. In fact, Washington didn’t drive our economy to the ground, Wall Street did.

The last time we had a businessman in office he spent all the surplus money the government had, ran up an unprecedented debt, failed to defend us against a terrorist attack as every other president before him was able to do, and started two wars that no one really understands. When he left office the economy was train wreck.