Politics Wiping Off Spit

IRS Targets Conservatives? Get Real.

Now I’ve heard everything. The latest ruckus amid the ruffled feathers of the dumbest birds in the developed world is that the IRS is targeting conservatives for audits. So far nothing substantial has come out of this and although Obama during his trip to the UK addressed the issue publicly, saying that every effort will be made to insure there is no such profiling going on I’m sure he and British PM Cameron got a good chuckle out of it.

Here’s the deal. If you cheat on your taxes and the IRS finds out. They will put you on a list and you will be more likely to be audited again. This is based on behavior, not political affiliation. If it turns out that most of the people who cheat on their taxes are conservative, then a pattern will develop. But of course many conservatives will turn it into yet another example of how they are always victimized.

And so, what does it matter if you ARE targeted? If you pay your taxes you have nothing to worry about. So what is this boo-hoo story really about? Is it a complaint that maybe they get less chance to cheat than other’s do? OR is it just another stupid thing like that idiot 53% number, which they say is the percentage of people who pay taxes, but really it’s the percentage of people who didn’t pay enough during the year to get a refund.

Whaa, whaa, whaa.