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I’ve been searching the RSS Universe for syndicated statistics. Amazingly, in this world of numbers and indexes, my extensive searches through the NNTP and RSS feeds, which consist mostly of blog blabber, have found very few statistics at all. I’m still looking, but so far I have found only one RSS feed that I can really say has a decent stat-to-blabber ratio. John Cletheroe’s Statistics, http://freespace.virgin.net/john.cletheroe/rss/stats.xml puts statistics on the RSS feeds. Of course the RSS feeds will need to carry a lot more statistics to provide much usefulness to online research, but John’s site is a start. hope more bloggers will catch on and contribute to the stream. Why? .. So I can build a simple agent for monitoring specific stats that apply to whatever topics I may be interested in. Why? .. because I’m to lazy to click and read through thousands of Google results.

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  1. November 2015… It’s been 11 years. Wow… So the update is that I STILL haven’t found much in the way of syndicated statistics and John Clethroe’s site is no longer there.