— How to steal the government from a generation of Americans that tune into their TV sets to watch reality —

In the last few days I decided to tune into mainstream TV news to see what the vast majority of American people were being fed. I sat through endless stories about the Michael Jackson trial, the Scott Peterson trial and the Phil Spector trial, but I had to really glue myself to the screen so as not to miss the brief flashes of news that actually affect us directly. In fact I must have blinked at the wrong times because I never saw any coverage of the revolution currently taking place in our government.

It seems that the Republicans are unhappy that the Democrats have only approved 95% of Bush’s judicial nominations and are pushing to get the other 5% installed. Bush re-nominated the same exact 5% and this time the GOP is leveraging their control of Congress to change the way our government works so that the Democrats can’t do anything to stop them. They are currently proposing that the filibuster be eliminated. This is some serious stuff.

Our judicial system is a powerful part of our government that makes rules without our input. We don’t elect these judges and they don’t have terms, they stay in power as long as they want. In fact the only thing that separates our judicial branch of government from totalitarianism is a critical balance of perspectives within the system. It’s important to maintain this balance and that is why the founders of our nation set up safeguards to prevent a one-sided court. But these Constitutional safeguards are being removed by a one-sided congress in alliance with an extreme president. Together they are creating a one-sided court that can last for decades.

Remember, the judicial branch appointed Bush in 2000 to the office of President in the first ever election to be taken out of the hands of the American people. There is nothing marginal about this… Our government is loosing it’s democracy and we are all subject to the consequences.

But please, don’t let me interrupt the exclusive interviews with Jackson’s lawyers.

Hannity was interviewing (or should I say cross examining) Robert Kennedy Jr on the show the other day and Kennedy mentioned that according to estimates by the National Academy of Science, over 30,000 people will die each year from increases in pollution as a result of Bush’s so-called Clean Air Act.

Let’s see, 3,000 people died in the biggest terrorist attack in US history and Bush takes the country to war “to make the world safe”, yet he has no problem signing a bill with the potential to kill 30,000 people each year…? I’m not trying to downplay the 9/11 attacks, that was a horrible thing, but I just can’t get past the numbers. I mean if the objective is to make the world safe for American citizens then wouldn’t a threat to 30,000 American lives be a concern? Would those 30,000 deaths be more significant if they exploded in balls of fire instead of dying quietly in a hospital bed?

Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that our president is on our side.