USA Inc.?

Someone told me today that Obama never worked. At first I wasn’t even sure how to respond to that, but then I realized that what he meant was that Obama never had a job outside the government (which isn’t true either but I get the jest) I guess to my friend, working for the government […]


The Government vs Corporate Blame Game

There are times where someone will assume I am oblivious to the political dangers that threaten our liberties. This usually happens on the heels of those disputes where I disagree with another person’s assessment of such a threat. Too often the people involved in the argument are so narrowly focused on their assessment that all […]

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Snow Job 2005

Lately, mainstream media has been filling it’s “news” channels with wonderful success stories of democracy spreading throughout the middle-east and consequently the emergence of a president who was previously misunderstood and now proven to have been right. The image of bully America is giving way to the image of an America who is steering the […]